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Unlock the Power of Algorithmic Composition with Intuitive and Accessible Coding


Scorch is a powerful audio plugin that integrates the creative potential of algorithmic composition with the simplicity and accessibility of an intuitive coding language. As an AU and VST3 plugin for DAWs, Scorch allows you to write musical code that outputs MIDI notes and CC values directly into your DAW, making it easy to sequence instruments and effects algorithmically. With Scorch, you can explore new ways of creating music and enhance your music production with the power of algorithms.


Get started in just a few minutes and unlock the full potential of algorithmic composition in your productions.

How it works

Scorch is designed specifically for musicians to introduce algorithmic composition into their production workflow. With Scorch's clear and simple coding language, beginners can learn core programming skills through an accessible and easy music-making process. Expand your musical horizons and explore new creative possibilities with the power of algorithmic composition.

“ Ignite your creativity with Scorch's approach to composition.“

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